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BASMA (BAttling to SMile Again), is a nation-wide volunteer-powered NGO that supports children with cancer and their families. BASMA saw the light in April 2006. However, work on the ground has started since October 2005 and the seeds of the cause began in November 2003.


شاركنا رأيك
Food Made By Teta
Food made by Teta Bazar will meke a part of its sales in the Holiday Bazaar for the benefit of the mother for Basma Association.
Bazaar will be on Sunday and Monday, 18 and 19 March in Four Seasons Hotel from 12:30 noon until 10 pm

Bazar of mother`s` day
Basma association join the bazar of the Mother`sDay in Kafrsoosa Damascuse ( culture center )

Charity Bazaar Of Basma


Events within the campaign of 2012, "your contribution gives them the pulse of life."




Basma Association organized the first charity bazaar :
The Basma Association to support children with cancer and within the annual campaign to support children with cancer in Syria, organized a charity bazaar in the Paradise Tower Hotel in Damascus on Saturday, the eighteenth of February 2012. Where the entire proceeds of the event returned in favor of supporting children with cancer in Syria.

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