BASMA seeks to improve the health and social conditions of children with cancer in Syria,through financial support to treatment cost as well as providing psychological and moral support to children and parents during the treatment period.
BASMA provides medical support to children with cancer units in order to upgrade the medical services rendered to children, promote setting up new units, and increase community awareness on pediatric cancer.

BASMA Marathon - October 16th, 2023! Join us in the race to support children's cancer

Join us in the most meaningful run of the year. Lace up your shoes and make a difference in the lives of children battling cancer. Your participation supports treatment, hope, and brighter tomorrows.Mark your calendars and be ready on 16th October at 08:00 infront of Sheraton hotel. Together, we can be the difference in their fight Marathon link

BASMA launched 2023 campaign "Life is hard but cancer is harder"

BASMA launched the annual campaign to support children's with cancer in February under the titile "Life is hard but cancer is harder ", the campaign aimed to support the children's and the society programs by different donations methods. Campaign link

"A Million Smile" campaign will be launched by BASMA soon

BASMA will re-launch a campaign titled "A Million Smiles" which addresses the Syrian society to be active partners and supporters and to expand its activities and make its services reach every Syrian child suffering from cancer, the aim is to collect million donation each is 1000 SYP

SUPPORT US by sending an empty SMS to the following mobile numbers:
1077 for Syriatel , 1299 for MTN
Cost is " 1000 Syrian Pounds " that will go to support BASMA children's


BASMA has many programs that provide the needed support on many sides to the children of cancer and their families, the most important one is BAMSA 1st specilized unit which has begun to receive cases in May 2008 and BASMA expects that this unit is a key role in improving the situation of services for children with cancer

Financial Support Program

BASMA directly provides children with cancer with necessary medicines which not available in the public cancer centers.
Also to Encourage families to come to Damascus and continue their children treatment, BASMA provides accommodation for families coming for treatment, as well food as provisions.

Hospitalized Children Visits Program

BASMA volunteers visit 5 times/week children with cancer unit in the Kids Hospital and Albeiruni Hospital in Damascus to provide them with moral support. These visits include a variety of pre-planned activities and entertainment programs for the children.

BASMA first specialized unit

In May 2009, BASMA opened the first specialized unit to diagnose and treat children with cancer with a capacity of 20 inpatient beds and 8 outpatients at Alberuni University Hospital under the patronage of the Ministry of high Education. An MOU was signed between the management of Alberuni Hospital and BASMA Association.

Support a Children Treatment Program in the Specialized Centers

BASMA covers a percentage of the treatment cost of some of the cases of children with cancer treated in the private sector in Syria and in specialized centers outside or inside Syria. Since 2006 till end of 2015 BASMA sponsored 273 cases in addition to tumor resection, bone marrow transplant and Orthopedic prosthesis.

Outside Hospital Support Program

BASMA strives to stay in touch with the children that are registered with the association while they are at home between hospital visits. Children are invited to participate in different activities that are organized both indoor and outdoor. Parents are also regularly contacted by phone to make sure that the child is doing well.

Families Awareness Program

For Families: BASMA holds regular sessions to raise awareness among inflicted families about childhood cancer and dealing with their impacted children during treatment, in order to provide them with the ideal care.
For the community: BASMA organizes awareness sessions about childhood cancer and its early detection, and spreads knowledge of the disease through producing newsletters and booklets.


BASMA Volunteers visits the children hospital and BASMA unit in Al Bayrouni hospital 5 days a week
such visits include a variety of pre-planned activities and entertainment programs for the children in addition to the distribution of gifts, which is based on giving each child a gift commensurate with his age upon entering the hospital

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Volunteering Activities

During March 2015

Volunteering Activities

During March 2015

Volunteering Activities

During May 2015

Volunteering Activities

During April 2015

Volunteering Activities

During May 2015

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During June 2015

Volunteering Activities

During June 2015

Volunteering Activities

During June 2015


BASMA is a nation-wide volunteer –powered NGO that supports Children with Cancer and their families during treatment in Syria. The story began at the end of 2003.
Mayya Assaad, BASMA’s co-founder and first president, was visiting a young girl, Miriam, from the center for abandoned children where she was volunteering. Miriam was admitted for diagnosis in the cancer unit of the Children’s Hospital in Damascus, the only children’s cancer unit with 34 beds in Syria. The diagnosis revealed that Miriam did not have cancer. However, the sight of the unit’s grey walls and the fear in the children’s eyes were heart breaking. Their mothers or fathers were not allowed to stay with them. The nurses were understaffed and with no compassion. Mayya said she will never forget this day.. A year later, twelve of her volunteer friends joined her to help in this enormous mission. They often faced frustration and disappointment because they knew that the needs of the children’s treatment were still greater than whatever they could offer.
By the end of 2005, medicines were provided for families and weekly visits were conducted to cheer the children. However, the team realized that they needed to form a more organized structure for their work and then BASMA (BAttling to SMile Again), which means “smile” in Arabic was born in April 2006.
BASMA is the first nation-wide NGO that supports children with cancer and their families in Syria.
BASMA founders were:
Abdul Salam Haykal, Chadan Naji, Khaled Alfawal, Mai AlBarazi, Mayya Assaad, Nour El Houda Aladas, Rania Khaddour, Rasha Nehlawi, Roula AlHamoui,
Samer Tello, Souheir Boulad, and Tharaa Mustafa 

Board Of Directors

Suhair Boulad
Co-founders, participated in the first steps of BASMA establishment, in 2005. She was head of financial support committee for 6 years which is the most important committee in BASMA work. She is the current elected Chairperson.
Samer Tello
Co-founders, participated in the first steps of BASMA establishment in 2005. He was elected as board member in all BASMA elections and current elected Treasurer.
Basila Taklah
Active member since 2006 in Physiological support committee – supplying kids gifts. She is current elected Secretary General.
Katia Chatta
Active member since 2010 in Public relations and funding committee and head of it since 2015. She is current elected Board member..
Hala Naji
Hala is one of the first volunteers in Basma Association since 2006, she is an active member in the Psychological and Moral Support Committee and joined the Public Relations and Finance Committee since its establishment.

BASMA campaign offical video

Ready to support us ?

We need your help … Your help can save a life… How to help?
In order to carry on its duties and implement its work, BAMA relies on a dedicated team of great volunteers and staff. BASMA relies also on the invaluable support received from the community, and from generous individual and corporate donors inside and outside Syria. Without this vital support, our organization would not be able to continuously upgrade and maintain quality of the services provided to children with cancer and their families. There are many ways to contribute to BASMA in supporting those children: - Sending general in-kind or money donations - Joining one of our fundraising programs - Become a volunteer.

For Donation:
-- Ahli Trust Bank (Audi) - Syria / Account Number: 018690
-- Syrian Islamic International Bank / Account Number: 200071
-- Al Baraka Bank / Account Number: 7020210
-- Byblos Bank / Account Number: 0208968
-- BEMO Bank / Account Number: 0999991
-- Bank Of Jordan Syria / Account Number: 25558



BASMA seeks to provide
- Moral, psychological and educational support to children with cancer in Syria during treatment.
- Financial support services to families of children with cancer.
- Medical services and supplies otherwise not available as well as specialized medical staff in the children’s cancer units in Damascus.
- Raise awareness among families of children with cancer and the community about the disease and mobilize the community to support this cause.
- Build up cooperation with regional and international children’s cancer centers and any other related governmental and non-governmental parties locally, regionally and internationally.

The yearly operational cost of BASMA association 2022.
The monthly cost of BASMA Pediatric Oncology Unit in 2022.
The monthly cost of the Financial Support Program in 2022..
Number of Children registered in The Financial Support program till end of 2022.
Number of Children registered in BASMA pediatric Oncology Unit till the end of 2022.
The number of children's the association has treated in specialized centers in the region.
Number of employees who operate BASMA Pediatric Oncology Unit in Alberuni University Hospital.
Number of volunteers BASMA association relies on.

Volunteer with us

BASMA Association welcomes all who wish to help children with cancer and their families, The following are the detailed steps to become a volunteer in BASMA:
1 - fill out a volunteer form after reviewing the conditions set forth below and understand the objectives and functions of the Assembly and the nature of the work.
(Filling forms in headquarter from 9 am to 3 pm except on Friday and Saturday)
2 - Examination of applications submitted by the Board of Directors during a maximum period of two months of the date of application.
3 – BASMA Volunteers are distributed on the programs according to the requirements of the various committees of volunteers
and after taking into account the desire of the person listed in the application on the field, who prefers to work.
4 – The volunteers management Committee notify the new volunteers on programs that have been distributing to.

General conditions to join BASMA Volunteer:
1. Be exceeded eighteen years of age.
2. That he/she believed the objectives of the Association and aspirations.
3. To be able to provide specific services to the Association.

Contact Info

Baramkeh, Palestine street, in front of Economy college, Ameen Al Rihani avenue, building #10, 1st floor
P.O.Box: 124, Damascus, Syria
+963-11-6619429, +963-11-6633580
Fax: +963-11-6628000
Mobile: +963-994-110000, +963-988-005078